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In this Going Deeper: Good, Better, Best series, we are featuring a set of articles designed to help you dig a little deeper into your interview answers. Check out the first article in this series: Answering the Interview Question- How have you built bridges?

Have you ever wondered how a company selects their interview questions?

When a company interviews you, they don’t just randomly select a bunch of questions to ask. Companies pay big bucks to consultants, human resources professionals, and maybe even behavioral experts in order to formulate specific interview questions that reveal more about you.


The company wants to find THE right person. Having a set of questions custom-made to uncover who you really are helps the company put together a winning team.


Some people look at interviewing as a game. I personally think that’s a bit short-sighted and not the best way to look at this critical part of your Military-to-Civilian career transition. This is your life we’re talking about here. The goal is not to “WIN” per say, it is to represent the best you bring to the company!


We’re all competitive in some way, but your goal in the interview is not to tackle all the questions with all the correct answers, as in to “WIN”. Your goal is to leave no doubt that you’re the right person for the job.


Do you want to win, or do you want to be the Best? Think about that for a moment.


From the company’s point of view, you generally fit into one of three categories: Good, Better, or Best. With that in mind, let’s go deeper into some of the critical interview questions you can expect to hear and gain a better understanding as to how to be the Best candidate for the job!


How do you deal with the unexpected?


The company wants to know if you’re ready to deal with change. I just heard this at a company meeting a few days ago, “The only constant thing is change!” Yes, that’s becoming quite a cliché thing to say, but it is true.


Can you deal with constant change? That’s why they’re asking you this question.


Consider having a duffle bag with loads of examples at your immediate disposal here. From day one in the military, you had Drill Instructors or leaders changing your day, by the hour, minute, or second. What did you do? You adapted to the change, immediately if not sooner, right?


The goal in effectively answering this question is to provide some specific, concrete examples of how you dealt with an unexpected situation, how you overcame obstacles.


Be sure to end on a high note. Share a story on how you succeeded! If you failed at first, show them what you learned and how you switched course to avoid a bad outcome.


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