Creating a Poppy to Share the Meaning of Memorial Day with Children

Updated May 2022

USAA Community Poppy Craft with Kids.jpg

“Look Daddy! I made these flowers to remember people who died for me.”


 It can be difficult to fully express the gravity of Memorial Day to young children, and before this year I would have thought my five-year-old to be too young. After suffering the loss of my mother, my family has a renewed appreciation for the true sense of loss families must feel this weekend.  While it is often a weekend filled with BBQs, celebration and merriment, we must not forget the true spirit of Memorial Day. Whether you recently lost a loved one, or more time has passed, the sadness that comes along with the loss of a loved one never goes away. Setting aside dedicated time to remember those loved ones helps to honor and celebrate their lives.


One way to respect and honor fallen heroes with the children in your life is through arts and crafts. The Poppy has a long-standing history as a symbol of remembrance to those who have lost their lives in service to our nation and crafting a poppy together can start the conversation around Memorial Day and its meaning.





USAA Community Poppy Crafts.jpgIf you don’t have all the supplies on hand, please share ways that you got creative!  Without buttons, we crafted with poms and used cupcake liners instead of coffee filters.  Cutting plain white paper into two sized circles can also offer the same effect.


This craft truly helped my two young daughters connect to the day of remembrance. 


After crafting your poppies, visit USAA’s Honor Through Action page for details on how to share your remembrance on social. Ways to honor others who have given their lives in military service include: wearing a poppy, showing support for their families, reading and sharing their stories.



How do you talk to your children about Memorial Day? We would love to hear other ways you help instill the importance of Memorial Day.




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