Commemorate the Service of Military Veterans With Together We Served

Commemorate the Service of Military Veterans With Together We Served | USAA Member Community

There are some things that military veterans have in common. Even with different military services, different military occupations, wartime or peacetime, different ranks, and different deployments, we can all and most do agree that those people we served with were the best part of the experience as U.S. military service members.


However, once you leave a military unit or leave active military service that is where Together We Served comes in to help. Every day, hundreds of military veterans from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam pass away. Brian Foster, the Founder of Together We Served, wanted to create an easy-to-use technology platform to capture and maintain these memories for military veterans and military non-veterans alike.


This November, Together We Served, is offering a free service to collect, organize, and make available the stories of military veterans and their inspired stories of service. Foster states, “If we don’t capture it now, most of these veterans’ military service and sacrifice will go unrecorded, resulting in a tragic loss of our military history.” 


Military veterans need to share their stories of service, sacrifice, and success with other military veterans, with their families, and with the community so citizens today and in the future appreciate the totality of their experience. The Civilian-Military divide that separates military veterans and non-veterans can be significantly bridged through personal stories of service. Personal stories of service, told through words, video, and audio at the individual level, goes towards a “real person” understanding of historical events and their meaning for American Society. 


Together We Served is a technology platform to help military veterans and their families remember and celebrate the service and sacrifice of military veterans. Together We Served launched in 2003, and today has 1.1M military veteran stories and has expanded to include profiles from the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Army. With more than three million photos, TWS has one of the largest collections of visual military memoirs in existence, and the site has a growing library of veterans’ self-interviews. TWS aims to capture more than four million additional veteran profiles within the next five years in the most compelling, secure, and accurate presentation possible.


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