With all the excitement this time of year centered on football teams, it's time to talk about a team you need to be on. (If you're not sure what these people shown below do in the actual sports world, ask a football fan.) We'll call your team the Career Search Team.

Creating a winning football team requires the work of lots of unsung heroes. The people behind the scenes and critical to a football team's success rarely make it on television. Creating your winning Career Search Team is essential. If you wish to score big on your next career opportunity, you need to surround yourself with the best people available in order to get you where you want to be.

Let's take a look at some of the key people you should have on your roster:

Coaching Staff - You need a group of coaches who can train you on all the important aspects of the career search game. These coaches come in the form of experienced people who can guide you toward finding a job, people who can help you develop or rewrite your resume or someone who can help you bring out your best during interviews. In this case however, you pick the coach. Choose wisely.

"Wait" Trainer - Being in physical shape is a never-ending challenge for anyone. But when it comes to the "waiting game" involved in the career search, you need someone to help you keep your sanity while waiting for returned phone calls, responses to online resume submissions, and any other delays. Your "Wait" Trainer should be someone you know and trust. You need someone who can help you be strong during those challenges ahead. And, with the holidays approaching, time can seem to stand still while you wait for things to happen career-wise.

The Agent - Sometimes you need some good representation in order to showcase the talent you possess. An agent, in the form of a recruiter, can be the ideal person here. Every Career Search Team should have someone specifically designated as the "eyes & ears" for finding qualified candidates such as you for top careers. Remember, this agent works on behalf of the hiring company and their first priority is to help that company find the right person for the job opening. You may interact with an agent from time-to-time when a company seeks to hire a person with a specific skill set or other qualification. Knowing several agents can you increase your chances of finding work since these agents manage a steady stream of job openings - one of which might be the right fit for you!

Friends & Family - No matter if your definition of friend or family is just one person or an army of people, this group can be an integral part of your Career Search Team. If you try to go it alone during your career search, you'll limit your ability to find all of the possibilities out there. If you let your friends & family know exactly what you're looking for in a career, you can potentially increase your career options.

YOU, the Quarterback - finally, you need to take charge of your career search. Have a specific play ready each time you step into the huddle. Lead your Career Search Team on to victory!