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Army-Navy Game  - Fun Trivia That You Might Not Know _ USAA Member Community




On December 9th, 2017 one the most enduring rivalries of all time will take place in Philadelphia, PA. This will be the 118th time the Army Cadets will play the Navy Midshipmen. The 14-year winning streak of Navy was broken last year and this year, Army gears up for another win.


Maybe you had a chance to catch our Rivalry Trivia on our USAA Facebook page.


Here are five fun trivia questions to test your knowledge about this game:


Which team holds the longest winning streak?


What was the first year the Army-Navy game ended in a tie?


How many Heisman Trophy winners have played in an Army-Navy game?


Who is the only president to have played in an Army-Navy game?


How many Army-Navy games have been played in Philadelphia?


We’ve added a couple questions:


Who is the current coach at Navy? at Army?


Who sings second at the end of the game? The winning team or the losing team?



Do you know any of the answers? Leave your answer(s) in a comment below for a chance to participate in the Army Navy Community Challenge. You’ll be a step closer to earning a digital version of the Army-Navy Game coin for your Community profile trophy case, plus you’ll have a chance to win one of many #ArmyNavy prizes. Rules here.




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Army-Navy Game  - Fun Trivia That You Might Not Know _ USAA Community

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Guest Author

The Navy has the longest streak, however, we are set to make a comeback! :)



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1.) The Navy holds the longest winning streak;   2.) The year would be * game ended Ties * ;   3.) That would be 5 Heisman Trophy winners that have played in the Army-Navy Game.   4.) The ONLY President to ever play in the game was President Eisenhower;    5.)  The game has been played 86 times over 118 years in Philadelphia;    6.) The current coach of the Navy Team is "Ken Niumatalolo" He has been the head coach since * & The head coach of the Army Team is "Jeff Monken".   7.) And the Team that gets to sing "second" at the ed of the game is the Winners. Which would be the "Black Knights" this year. Congratulations Knights!!! (Although both teams meet in the middle of the field and first face the losing teams fans and sing their alma mater...and second they face the winners fans and do the the same. Even though it's the "Greatest Football Rivalry" They still show Respect, Unification and Admiration for one another. After all...They're On The Same Team. !!!