A year from now, what will you see? Will you be further along on your path toward getting hired? Will you have figured out how to interview with excellence? Will you know how to overcome objections to tough interview questions without flinching? In 365 days from today, what do you want and where do you see yourself?

With 2013 in full swing, now is the time to make plans, set goals, and prepare to do great things during this year! I can't stress the importance of this enough. You need to be ready.

Think about the readiness level in your military unit. You train. You have plans, policies, and procedures, and you have predetermined actions with virtually everything you do. You have specifics outlined in great detail. You have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that you use as strict guidelines for your activities. Battle Drills, Battle Books, and benchmarks for everything from bivouac to barracks is nothing new to you. All of these things help you perform at your best.

Why do we neglect this level of preparation in our Military-to-Civilian career transition?

I hear this statement a lot: "Military personnel have difficulty translating their military skills into civilian equivalent skills and jobs!" Do you think that a year from now you'll be better at doing this? I hope so. Here's a tool for that called the Military Skills Translator by Military.com. It's a handy, well-thought-out online program designed to match you military skills to the best possible match career-wise. Where will you be a year from now if you use this tool? Check it out!

I recently met a prior service military man who helps Veterans dress the part! He has a very interesting concept and I plan to interview him for a future blog article for this Community. Too many times I've witnessed military personnel mixing & matching their Class "A" shiny shoes with a civilian suit! (Quick! Call the fashion police!) But, think about this: You can have the best resume, the highest qualifications, and ample amounts of ambition and drive — and that's a good thing. But why on Earth would you hinder your chances of getting hired because you're not dressed appropriately for the job? Will you fashion sense improve in the next year?

Lastly, what will you do this year to improve the impression you leave with potential Employers? I plan to write about this topic more this year. The point is that there are too many negative impressions and stereotypes associated with Veterans or Military Spouses. If you recall the highly isolated, yet highly publicized negative news stories of 2012 or the outrageous assumptions made about Military Spouses and careers, you know what I'm talking about. I hope to arm you with some no-nonsense approaches to overcoming these perceptions so that a year from now, you'll be telling stories of how you busted the myths!

Mark your calendar for one year from today! Write down your goals! Now, get ready to make great things happen!