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7 Things You Can Do While You Wait | USAA Member Community

You know the story. Two people get together, the date is set,  you meet up and all is well and ends well, then comes the expectation of a phone call the next day.


But it never comes.


Oh, I wasn’t talking about a first date, I was talking about a job interview!


You can plainly see the parallels here. You put your best foot forward and were on your best behavior. The conversation flowed as if you’d known each other forever. You seemed to have clicked. Laughed at each other’s jokes, smiled and connected well, even realized you know some of the same people.


But that phone call never came this time. What? Why? Are you kidding me?


Let’s face it. Companies tend to run a bit “lean” these days. The hiring manager might cover a multi-state area and conduct business within several time zones on any given day.


Hiring managers have several offices too. This might be a combination of the corporate headquarters, their home office (as in where they live & sleep), an airport lounge, a coffee shop, or anywhere they can get Wi-Fi or cellphone service while they’re on the run.


Just because you had an interview, doesn’t mean you’re the top priority at this company. Remember that military recruiting office in the mall? You never delayed your active duty day-to-day priorities because a new person wanted to sign up and wanted to join the ranks. In other words, the mission comes first. Same goes for the private sector.


Depending on the complexity of the interview process, expect time delays due to when you have interviews with several people from the company. Remember, coordinating schedules can be tough on a company that’s on the move. Your reaction to these delays will say a lot about what type of employee you might make. Keep things positive and be patient.


So you wait and wait for your phone to ring. You wait for some sort of response from the hiring manager for the next steps. This happens all the time after interviews. You expect a phone call that never comes. YOU HATE THE WAIT! What to do?


Here’s a list of 7 things you can do during the “wait time” after your interview:


  1. Send a carefully worded follow-up Thank You note. Make sure to include some brief details about your time together. Make absolute sure you include a few reasons why you’re the right person for the job.
  2. Call the interviewer on the phone. Ideally, you asked about the timeframe involved in hiring for this position AND asked for a business card AND asked if it is OK to follow-up. Make the call.
  3. If after you have no response from your Thank You note or phone call, wait a few days and reach out again – maybe include a link to an article of interest to this person (maybe some late-breaking news about a competitor, new technology, or other story of interest.)
  4. Double-check to make sure you’ve completed any additional requirements the interviewer requested. This might be things such as references, online application, behavioral tests, phone calls or meetings with others at the company, or maybe even a business plan.
  5. Set up Google Alerts for anything new you discovered during the interview. Hopefully, you already had the company name added to your alerts at a minimum. Setting up alerts for the company management team members, products by name, or other easily identifiable search terms will only make you more aware of what’s happening. Get connected!
  6. Continue to connect with people at this company and the groups they’re part of. The more you expand your connections, the better your chances of getting that “edge”.
  7. Keep looking for other opportunities. You just never know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. This is no time to rest and wait for the phone to ring. You’re not in until you have an offer in hand, sign it, pass any required background and administrative hurdles, and get officially hired. Better to have too many job opportunities than not enough.

How have you stayed positive and used the time wisely while waiting for a call back? Share your insights in the comments below.






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