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You’ve finally got that call to move forward in the interview process! Next stop, the LIVE In-Person interview.


The hiring company decides to fly you out to their corporate offices. This could include the company paying for your travel to and from your city. They might even put you up in a hotel and provide a rental car for you depending on the length of time you’ll be there. A typical first day arrival might include time for an evening meal and turning in early to rest up for the following day featuring a jam-packed schedule of interviews. As part of your preparation, you’ve practiced answering questions and providing great examples. The more you can prepare the more likely you are to feel confident in your interview. With advanced preparation you’re more likely to feel absolutely prepared to succeed.


But, before you head out on this important phase of the interview, here are some things you should think about while traveling.


Check out these Six Job Interview Travel Tips:


1. “Be kind to those behind!” This means be kind to all the people you come across behind the counter, behind the wheel, behind the reception desk, etc. Remember this as you encounter the people at the Car Rental, Private Car/Taxi Driver, Hotel Staff, Restaurant Crew, Company Employees, etc. Keep in mind, they might be closely associated with the company and could have the opportunity to offer feedback on what impressions you made.

2. Don’t rack up a large hotel bill. If you have to choose between walking downstairs to the restaurant and ordering room service, choose the least expensive option by taking that short walk. You’ll want to avoid drinking alcohol. And, don’t order the most expensive thing on the menu. Make sure to pack all of your essentials so you don’t need to charge anything to the room. Use the hotel business center instead of purchasing Wi-Fi Internet access. In a nutshell, be wise.


3. Do a leader’s recon to find out exactly how long it will take you to commute to the interview location. If you arrive in the evening or at nighttime, the traffic will most likely be much slower than during the morning rush hour traffic. Ask the Front Desk about morning commute time. Know how to get there the night before and add extra time for traffic as necessary. Make sure you have the name and phone number of whomever you’re supposed to meet handy.


4. Cover your suit, tie, dress, etc. when you eat. Ask for an extra napkin if you needed. Consider getting up extra early to eat in more casual clothing, before returning to your hotel room in order to change into your business attire. Avoid parking next to that dirty work truck with all the mud on it. Take extra care to maintain a presentable appearance at all times and at all cost.


5. Keep expenses to a minimum. If you know the company will provide a rental car, take your own GPS if you have one or use the GPS App on your phone. There’s no need to increase spending by adding the expense to the company when you own something that eliminates the need to rent extra items. Common expenses during travel for an In-Person interview include; moderately-priced meals while traveling, parking or tolls, checked baggage, to name a few. When in doubt, ask!


6. Finally, you may be asked to submit an expense report upon your return to your home city. Essentially, you’ll send your receipts (or scanned copies of receipts depending on the company policy) with a description of the actual expense. Make plans to do this quickly and accurately. Why? Think about it from the Hiring Company’s perspective. What would you expect?


Traveling to the hiring company's headquarters to compete in the final phase of the interview process comes with many considerations. By taking the time to consider these travel tips, you’ll be better prepared, less stressed and in a position to make the most out of the opportunity.


What other Interview Travel Tips do you have to share?




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