False advertising is here! The title of this article says 5 Things, but you'll have plenty of things to think about once you finish reading. As fights break out at department stores between overzealous shoppers, you may fare better financially and without bodily harm if you time your purchases well.

Buying smart and saving money is important now more than ever! But, sometimes that urge for instant gratification takes over and the need to buy now adds pressure.

Or, maybe you're one who experiences money burning a hole in your pocket. It's supposed to be called "cold hard cash" but somehow it has this ability to sizzle its way through your clothing.

Then there's the credit card thing. Are you quick to swipe, and slow to pay? In these tough economic times, it can be a tough thing to deal with. Cracking the wallet or purging the purse takes some planning, will power and discipline. In this easy come/easy go spending spree mentality we see so often on the news these days, where do we turn for advice on the best purchase times for the items we want (or think we need NOW!).

I overheard an older Friend of mine talking about someone who's contemplating a computer purchase. Wisdom exudes from this person on a host of topics and increasing your purchasing power through timing was the subject of the day. Not one to get caught up in the hustle & bustle of shopping, we all listened and learned. In a nutshell, two words describe this sage advice we heard him declare, "Just wait!"

Armed with wise counsel, I scoured the Internet for some answers as to what makes sense to buy after the holidays.

Yahoo! Contributor Network Writer Sabah Karimi, in her article Top Ten Things to Buy in the After Christmas Sale suggests:

Christmas cards

Holiday lights

Winter coats


The giant outdoor snow globe

Chocolate and candy

That new computer

DVD Players and home theater systems



MSN Money Writer Karen Datko recommends buying the following in her article 9 things to buy after Christmas:


Any item with a holiday theme

Video Games

TV and other electronics



Fitness products

Baby Gear

Winter coats

From a GOING CIVILIAN standpoint, I recommend you wait until after the holidays for some important purchases that should be drastically reduced immediately after the countdown finishes and closes the chapter on 2012:

  • That new suit or dress for job interviews. You will probably see some huge price slashing going on at the beginning of the year. While the masses scramble to get the latest fashions, you can save money on clothing that's just a year older. Who checks the date of your clothing, anyway? (Unless you're wearing seriously outdated fashion, of course!)
  • Thank you cards and office supplies. Most office supply stores offer huge discounts of last year's stock and inventory. You can get all kinds of useful things for a fraction of the cost.
  • Briefcases and portfolios. Keep an eye out for sales on last year's designs going on sale soon!
  • Need a new computer? Prices tend to fall after the holidays too!


Wouldn't it be nice to start the year 2013 on the right foot? And with a pair of new shoes that cost you pennies on the dollar?

What do you plan to buy after the holidays?



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I think your last remarks were meant to be 2013. Good advice otherwise.
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Community Manager

You are correct! Thanks! Good eye!