10 Reasons Why Hiring Military Veterans is Great for Your Business

Updated July 2021

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Hiring new employees is easily one of the hardest tasks that all business, organization and government leaders regularly endure. The challenge to find available, high quality, and trained people is difficult in both strong and weak economies. Military veterans are your hiring answer!


Leaders need to constantly and consistently look to military veterans, National Guard, and Reserve military personnel as their number one source of hiring. Veterans bring skills, discipline, initiative, and teamwork to make any organization more successful.


  1. Located Around Major Urban Areas & Concentrated For Easier Recruitment. Leaders seeking employees need to find the closest military base, Reserve Center, or National Guard unit. Leaders can coordinate with military transition offices or individual Reserve / National Guard units that are in close proximity to their employment locations. Military job fairs and military veteran hiring events offer the same benefit to find and hire military veterans. Going direct and going frequently to military locations is the best way for leaders seeking employees to find, interview, and hire military personnel.

  2. Brilliant Combination of Both Following Orders & Taking the Initiative. Military veterans from all military branches are trained to follow established processes and they are also trained to apply initiative and good judgement when the plan fails and must be adjusted to ensure success. This combination of initiative, individual discipline, and adherence to orders cannot be found in any other employee group.

  3. Drug Free From Day One. There are still critical jobs in financial services, logistics, transportation, and customer support that require drug screening and compliance to not using illegal drugs. Military personnel are regularly tested and 99.999% do not use illegal drugs.

  4. Focus on Working Safely While Getting The Job Done. Military personnel are trained how to do dangerous jobs safely. Jobs in manufacturing, construction, logistics, warehousing, and transportation need people who can perform dangerous jobs safely. All military personnel understand the importance of procedure, process, and individual discipline to make dangerous jobs safe.

  5. Fresh with Ideas How To Innovate and Improve. Junior enlisted and Non-Commissioned Officers (Sergeant’s and Chief’s) offer the best combination of team members and team leaders that can innovate and improve even the best processes. These people know how to create ideas, try, test, re-test, and finalize an innovation or improvement to ensure long term success.

  6. Leaders & Followers That Respect Others While Upholding High Standards. Anyone who has been in the military understands how to respect, work alongside, and build strong working relationships with people who are vastly different from them. Urban to Rural; Minority to Non-Minority, and Rich to Poor – all of these differences military personnel set aside and get the job done.

  7. Respect for Following & Improving Processes. Many businesses have strict compliance requirements for safety, security, financial regulations, or privacy. Military personnel understand how to respect and comply with strict processes while getting a job done. Watch a Navy, Army, or Marine gun crew aim, prepare, fire, clean, and reload a large cannon and you see a perfect example of respecting strict processes while working as a team.

  8. Security Clearances That Deliver a High Degree of Trust. Detailed background checks consistently find employee candidates who have hidden legal, financial, or criminal problems that make them hard to place in certain critical roles. The vast majority of military veterans have deep security clearances that make their backgrounds trustworthy and secure to confidently place them in critical roles.

  9. Skilled in Working in Foreign & Challenging Environments. If I need someone who needs to work in the heat in a foreign country, I would not hire anyone but a military veteran. If I need someone who will be exposed to foreign languages and different cultures, again, I would find a military veteran. Nearly all military personnel have lived overseas, worked with foreign peoples, and understand how to act in a different culture. Finally, need someone to do a perfect job in the pouring rain, yes, you guessed it, find a military veteran.

  10. Trained & Trainable to Succeed Immediately. One of the great unknowns when hiring someone is how well the person can learn and execute new tasks. One of the great reasons to hire military veterans is that they are both trained and trainable. They can learn, retain, and continue to learn how to be better at their roles.


Hiring for a business is hard. Hiring military veterans is a win for businesses and a win for military veterans. Make your business better today and hire a military veteran!


Share Your Opinion – What do military vets bring to a business?


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About the Author: Chad Storlie is a Retired US Army Officer, the author of Combat Leader to Corporate Leader and has published over 280 articles in over 170 publications on military veterans, career advancement, business, leadership, strategy, education, financial planning, and national security topics.  Chad excels as an author, mentor, speaker, and teacher showing business leaders and military veterans how military skills make lives, careers, and businesses better.  Chad is an adjunct Professor of Marketing at Creighton University.  Chad has a BA from Northwestern University and an MBA from Georgetown University.  Follow Chad @CombatToCorp and www.CombatToCorporate.com


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