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Just graduated with my B.S.Mech Eng, then next step is to interview and land a job. Before that my resume has to be spot on, any tips or advice?... Thank you

HELP: How Do I Build The Best Resume (ANSWERED)

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1. While not a USAA specific question, I will try to give you some advice.


2. If you ask 10 people "How Do I Write A Good Resume" you will get 10 different responses and of all those your potential employer might reject them all because they are missing that "key piece of information" they were looking for.


3. The best advice is to "search the web". There are tons of information out there.


Here are some EXTERNAL LINKS to get you started on your new career.


I hope this helps you on your "journey" into the U.S. Work Environment.


Best of luck in your new job.

Re: HELP: How Do I Build The Best Resume (ANSWERED)

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Just a bit of advise:

1. Your college should have a career center that specializes in helping current and past students with:

     resume building

     resume critiquing

     job search

     internships - some international opportunities

2. Reference lists

3. Cover letter development - always include a cover letter; it shows professionalism and clear objectives to position applying

Good luck!!

Re: Resume Builder

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Dear Joshclark5866: Some great tips and links have already been shared here and thank you to those who've shared thus far. We're approaching our 4th year of info on GOING CIVILIAN and there's quite a few resume-related blog posts for you to consider.


Just a few tips off the top of my head:


* Make your resume quantifiable. (In other words, what's the measurable before & after effect you made expressed in numbers?)


* Create a resume that showcases your talent, ability, and reasons to hire you. (As opposed to a resume that looks like you just showed up to work each day, many I see look like a recap of the job requirements and don't stand out at all.)


* Get a fresh set of eyes to review your resume. (Preferably including a person who works in the same industry you wish to work in. i.e. if you're Mettalurgical, EE, Environmental, or Structural, get an Engineer who works in that space to look at your resume and guide you.)



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