Do You Have a Battle Plan for Transition?

Finding a job when leaving the military is a lot of hard work. However, we can help relieve some of your stress. Here are 5 steps to complete your battle plan for your military to civilian transition.

Don’t Be Shy, Give Networking a Try

Are you someone who’d rather listen than talk? Try these simple conversation starters to help improve your networking skills.

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Ways to Include your Military Recognition During Your Job...

Recognition in the civilian world takes on many forms. If you’re in the midst of your Military-to-Civilian career transition, consider highlighting the military recognition you received during your interview or screening process.

Forget About Who You Were and Discover Who You Are - Gues...

The military gives us ready-made identities. The military culture makes it very clear who we are and what we've done. But when you're ready for a new mission, then retirement is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Leaders are Readers

One of the unique benefits of reading books is the ability to understand another’s perspective. You can vicariously walk in another person’s shoes. You can experience a first-hand account of the life of others.

Handling The Unexpected Job Offer

One day you'll reach financial independence and enjoy life without working for a paycheck. So after you've started retirement, why would you go back to work? Here is how I handled an unexpected job offer.