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Was surprised that the questions never asked my age, think that would have a major effect on comparing the score with others.
Was not sure whether to include my mortgage in the "how much do you spend on your debts every month" section. My mortgage is my only debt. I entered it above, but not sure whether to enter it again at bottom
Input Forms do not accomodate retired military benefits (i.e.) Suvirior Benefit Plans, DOD/CSRS and other Federal Departmemts/Agencies Retirement systems Like Non-Appropriated Fund retires. Someone may want to take a look ...
We could afford an extra $500 or $1000 a month toward our mortgage, but should we save it for other things?
I own 7 soon to be 8 rental income propertys I have accumulated over the pas t 15 yrs I know when I retire that a management co will have a fee AT 15% we still have a income of around 4050 a month plus soc sec if its there. so I dont think this app works for me but I would like to talk to a knolegab...

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