Traditional IRA

Good morning, I am a Navy/Army NG retiree and have utilized many of USAA's Financial Services during my 19 yrs as a member.  My question is my daughter (also a USAA mbr), has a 15K 403B plan that her nursing job at Johns Hopkins provided.  It is currently being managed by TransAmerica, can you tell me what advantages my daughter would have by opening an T-IRA with USAA vice leaving her money with TransAmerica.  She has left Johns Hopkins to pursue her dream and has become a Traveling Nurse.  I want to provide her best financial advice for this 15K investment. Her options were to leave it, open an IRA or transfer the balance to a new account.


Question 2:  Very important to her, how much does USAA charge to manage this new Traditional IRA?  (annually/quarterly ?)


Thank you for your advice.

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