Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation

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Does USAA have consolidation loans? My husband and I are in the process of moving, buying a new home (with Movers Advantage) and we are pre-approved for USAA mortgage.  I am starting a new job with a significant pay cut. We would like to consolidate some of our debt (about $23,000) to make just one payment. We understand the risks of consolidating debt with there being a right way and wrong way. My husband and I have high 700 and low 800 credit scores, we are very disciplined in our budget, but need to get some debt broke down, since our monthly income is decreasing. Any info would be very much appreciated! 


Re: Debt consolidation

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I consolidatede some stuff many years ago with no problem through USAA.  Really want to get things going great?  Get the book by Dave Ramsey and find the radio station in your area he is on.  YOU CAN GET TOTALLY DEBT FREE IF YOU REALLY WANT TO.


I was in the credit card rut many years ago but learned trhe key to becoming debt free and now owe no one.  Even have my house and cars fully paid of.  My wife and I have had top credit scores for years.  We have one credit card only, USAA :-) just for credit score.  Every dime we put on it is paid in full each month.  If you think you can have even one card and pay the minimum.  You will never ever be free.



Get Daves book and live his advice.  Owing no one in this world yet having a nice house and cars is terrific.  My sons are all college grads and all are debt free also.


GOD BLESS AMERICA.----- The US has been pushed into a really bad situation financially and I think there are some Democracy busting moves on the way.

Re: Debt consolidation

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We have actually read his book. We were given it to go through during our pre-marital counseling. I love his principles....every time my husband and I come across another credit card offer, we both scream CHEETAH! hahaha. I know his model of live like no one else now, so you can live like no one else later, but I think consolidating to one payment will help us right now. 


Thanks for your advice. 

Re: Debt consolidation

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Hi Kriswiens,


I am not a financial expert, but have found some similar questions that have been answered by two of USAA's financial team:







If you would like, you can give one of our advisors a call at 800-771-9960 and they can help you explore USAA options on this front.


Good luck on your move and with your home buying endeavors, what an exciting time!


Thank you for posting!

Re: Debt consolidation

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My husband and I are looking to move debt to one place. We own our home and have been paying on it for 8 years. We have one daughter who is a Junior in college. Her post 9/11 scholarship will not cover her senior year. We will need about $15,000.00. She is applying for scholarships and to be an RA.


We would like to move all of our unsecured debt (Less than $20,000.00) to USAA so that we can have it in one place. Do you have any programs like this?

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Hi Debi85!


I did some digging around online, and I would recommend you give one of our financial advisors a call at: 1-800-771-9960. They will be able to better assist you in regards to the programs you mentioned below.


Thank you for posting in the community. Best of luck!

Re: Debt consolidation

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You don't help anyone. It's a simple yes or no question. 

Re: Debt consolidation

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All repeating the same thing. Most people who get themselves in these situation have realized how they got into them and have already fixed or are fixing the problem and debt consildation is very convinent to have all payments paid at once. 

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