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I am turning 50 in a month and have no savings or investments, due to injuries I suffered on my last tour in Iraq and the ensuing fight between the military and my civilian job to pay me while recovering. As a result I went without pay for several years and burned through our savings and investments...
Do the rate changes for a Term Life Policy, of is the value policy reduced at a certain age?Please give me an answer for a 'Universal' and a 'Whole Life', as asked above?
We currently owe a couple thousand on credit cards, but the interest is killing us. We both have credit scores in the 700's, but we have been unable to take out a loan with a lower interest rate to help pay them off. what is the best way to get credit debt paid off?
looking for financial expert to help me on the best advice to start saving for retirement or what type of plan to put toward to help me in the long run. I am not too familiar with all the plans out there. I am 32 years old and I am starting late.
May I use my USAA 529 account to pay for private high school?
My wife is getting ready to retire next year. She has the option of getting her pension monthly or taking a lump sum (approx 250k). Are there advantages/disadvantages to taking the lump sum
Should I roll over my old employers 401k into my new employers 401k or transfer it into a roth ira?
I retired at 56 and have an AF pension and a federal pension. I plan on taking SS at 62, I also have substantial savings in both TSP and mutual funds. The question is should I draw down my TSP first and if I do not need the $ Reinvest in my mutual funds or draw the mutual funds first? I don’t want t...
Currently my wife and I both put 15% into a 401K with about 30 more years to retirement at 67. We have no major debt except a mortgage. Should we put more into our 401Ks, should we pay down our mortgage or should we start a 529 for our 2 kids college (oldest is 2.5 years)?
We live paycheck to paycheck. We do not have any debt but we can not save any money. We are a family of 4. Should three hundred a week be enough for food and misc? (not including any bills) I keep track of every penny but the money just goes. I feel like we should be able to save but I cant figure i...