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MY WIFE & I ARE TURNING 69YO. WE own a Eugene, Or. 3-bedroom home. How do we start finding a down-size Condo? We found the local Senior Ctr unhelpful. So, please offer some starting points. We are bank poor, but property well to do. I am seeking a P/T job in the area, with little luck in this Pandem...
I just graduated from graduate school and have a significant amount of debt. What is the best option of investment to help me pay off these loans?
I'm trying to calculate my NSO stock options cash out amount after taxes. Every calculator I use says something different. I live in AZ. Is there anyway to know the exact tax percentages, both state and federal, that will be taken out?
My daughter is starting to ask to go to stores and online so she can spend her allowance, birthday money, etc. While I want her to be able to shop, I also want her to establish good spending habits and teach her financial responsibility. I've seen a variety of prepaid debit cards options for familie...
I would like to payoff my home loan in 15 yrs. my current balance is $131,943.68, my interest rate is 3.875% fixed. How much should I pay to payoff this loan in 15yrs.
Do the rate changes for a Term Life Policy, of is the value policy reduced at a certain age?Please give me an answer for a 'Universal' and a 'Whole Life', as asked above?
We currently owe a couple thousand on credit cards, but the interest is killing us. We both have credit scores in the 700's, but we have been unable to take out a loan with a lower interest rate to help pay them off. what is the best way to get credit debt paid off?
We live paycheck to paycheck. We do not have any debt but we can not save any money. We are a family of 4. Should three hundred a week be enough for food and misc? (not including any bills) I keep track of every penny but the money just goes. I feel like we should be able to save but I cant figure i...
What are the penalties for cashing out a Roth IRA early (I am 54 years old). My wife and I want to pay down a large personal loan.
I am retiring from active duty and want to know if I need to purchase the SBP annuity or if I should take that same amount, purchase a term life policy and invest the difference for the next 30 years. The SBP annuity will cost over $400 per month. I will be 54 yrs old upon retirement. Could I get a ...