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When making extra mortgage payments and given the option to pay towards principal or Interest, which is better?
Is it better to pay off credit card debt with a debt consolidation loan or gradually over two years?
I'm getting married later this year, and I was curious how much money should we be spending on the honeymoon. I have some money in savings accounts that I am expecting to use but the real question is how much of that should I use? We're planning to get an apartment once we get married so I don't hav...
Hi you all,I am considering in taking this course offered by AARP called a "Driver Safety Course" for $19.95. This is a 8 hour on line course for drivers over 50. It proposes that I can save money on my car insurance. I have been with USAA for more than 30 years. Does anyone know if by taking and co...
I have an old work 401k with about 21k in it. The last two years it has yielded between 12-16% in return. I have been open to the idea of rolling it into a Roth IRA for the tax benefits, but am not sure if I should because of the high return it is getting. When, if ever, is a good time to roll it in...
Does USAA offer long term care insurance? I’d like information about it if you do.
I want to buy a home,how do I start the process?
Recently I cancelled my auto insurance because my driving had deteriorated to the point I was an accident about to happen. I have Parkinson's disease and at 86 years of age had enough. But live with my wife in CCRC in northern Virginia. Also have Renters and Umbrella policies with USAA, and Life ins...
I have credit card debt and a loan. All added up probably about $12-15,000. I have the money to pay it off. I also want to buy a house soon. Should I pay off the debt now, before getting pre approved? thank you
Would it be better for me to put my Emergency Fund into a Savings or a Checking account? I already have a Savings and Checking but I would like a third account so that I don't touch the money except for bills and it will hopefully be a short-term budget.