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Do the rate changes for a Term Life Policy, of is the value policy reduced at a certain age?Please give me an answer for a 'Universal' and a 'Whole Life', as asked above?
We currently owe a couple thousand on credit cards, but the interest is killing us. We both have credit scores in the 700's, but we have been unable to take out a loan with a lower interest rate to help pay them off. what is the best way to get credit debt paid off?
looking for financial expert to help me on the best advice to start saving for retirement or what type of plan to put toward to help me in the long run. I am not too familiar with all the plans out there. I am 32 years old and I am starting late.
We live paycheck to paycheck. We do not have any debt but we can not save any money. We are a family of 4. Should three hundred a week be enough for food and misc? (not including any bills) I keep track of every penny but the money just goes. I feel like we should be able to save but I cant figure i...
What are the penalties for cashing out a Roth IRA early (I am 54 years old). My wife and I want to pay down a large personal loan.
I am retiring from active duty and want to know if I need to purchase the SBP annuity or if I should take that same amount, purchase a term life policy and invest the difference for the next 30 years. The SBP annuity will cost over $400 per month. I will be 54 yrs old upon retirement. Could I get a ...
Hello. We recently had solar installed and of course we are making a payment on it. I have been hounded about refinancing our home, offering amazing amounts of money. Should I refi and use only enough of the "equity money" to pay off the solar, effectively rolling that cost into the house(I Think)? ...
Hello, I'd like financial advice on managing my retirement funds. When I retire, I will be receiving a pension equivalent to what I earn today (100 percent). What I would like to do is cash out 33.33 percent of my retirement as a lump sum payment and use these funds to pay off my mortgage. With the ...
I have a special need daughter who will require a SNT after My wife or I dieand was unsure how you handle these cases
We are in the process of purchasing a home using a VA loan. While we have the ability to put $0 down with the loan, we have the capacity to make a down payment. Due to our move cycle, we know there is a high likelihood of selling the house in 3 years. Are there good resources to help determine the m...
I only have $78,000. in IRA. Home equity ranges from $120-130,000. in order to replace unsafe 2003 Toyota Sienna, I am considering taking $2-3,000. from IRA. What are choices and consequences? Thank you, Nancy Ingle
I have a retirement from a previous job just sitting and not growing. I don't want to roll over to my new job because I don't plan on staying with my new job. However, I need to be able to have access to the $ as I am not totally financially stable right now. What is my best bet to do with this $ to...
I love my car but its mileage is starting to get up there. What is the best way to start saving for a new car? Should I start putting aside more money than usual from my paycheck in my savings?
When making extra mortgage payments and given the option to pay towards principal or Interest, which is better?
Does USAA offer long term care insurance? I’d like information about it if you do.
I have a 529 for my kid, however due to autism and developmental disability I am curious if I do not use these expenses for college, can I roll this to a different type of fund for him? (living expenses, etc)
What kind of loan will help me consolidate all of my debt?
In early drafts of the recently enacted tax reform bill, there was a lot of talk about potential changes to retirement contributions. But little actually changed when all was said and done. Proposals to eliminate the deductibility of contributions to retirement plans and to lower the cap on retireme...
Can I get a VA loan on a mobile home or prefabricated house?
How do I buy stock or invest in usaa?
I've unfortunately have gotten into a large credit card debt situation. I am not behind but I want to find a way to be able to pay them off and if possible save on my monthly payments that I am paying to each of them separately.
In May of this year I graduate and Commission as a 2nd Lieutenant. Having college debt and multiple loans, as well needing a more reliable vehicle after graduation, I wanted to know if it would be a smarter move to do one of the following: take out the USAA starter loan for Officers, get what I need...
Questions regarding protecting IRAs in a market down turn. I know just about enough about investing to be dangerous so please excuse my ignorance. I have 2 managed IRAs. They are doing well. But I am curious to know what is the best way to protect them should the market move into a long-term down-tu...
I really cannot decide 100% on whether I should stick with current Military Retirement plan or switch to the BRS. Currently at 9.5yos, 6.5 of those were enlisted. I PLAN on staying until 20, but nothing is guaranteed. Just looking for advice or different ways to look at the pros and cons. Thanks!
Concerning the final final TCJA and 529 Educational Savings can my funds be distributed as a tax break to my grandson for Home Schooling expenses as proposed by the Administration/Senator Cruz? What are options for funds disbursement if he does not attend college?
how do I check credit score without hurting credit rating?
I have a high-mileage car on which I'm still making payments. The monthly payments are ok, but the monthly repairs are getting out of hand. Should I take money out of savings to pay off the balance (about $6 k) or try to roll it into an auto loan on a new (inexpensive) car.
Would like some guidance relative to credit cards...specifically what to close, what to keep, and how high of an available balance to keep, as we pay off balances...Thanks!
What are my options for increasing my life insurance?
I have started to pay off all my debit (credit card, student loans and car payment totaling about $24,000). I used the debit manager tool online and found it very helpful. I'm wondering if it makes more sense to take a personal loan out to pay off everything or if I should stick to the debit manager...