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I have a 529 for my kid, however due to autism and developmental disability I am curious if I do not use these expenses for college, can I roll this to a different type of fund for him? (living expenses, etc)
How do I get a copy of my credit report?
What kind of loan will help me consolidate all of my debt?
Can I get a VA loan on a mobile home or prefabricated house?
I am 64 yo and have a TSP account. I continue to work for a Texas state agency under a different retirement plan. I want to begin taking withdrawals on my TSP account as soon as there would be most advantagous for me tax-wise. In other words what is the best way to receive money for living expenses ...
What is the fastest way to build credit?
Can I open a Roth IRA for my child?
Is it better to leave a balance on a credit card (below 30% of the credit card limit) or have it paid off every month?
does USAA handle living trusts or special needs trusts?
I have a roth IRA and a TSP account with money in both. With the government shutdown, would it be worth taking out a loan on either of these accounts to stay current on bills? If so, which would be better?