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What type of insurance should I get to payoff my mortgage?
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Does USAA have insurance available to pay off mortgage upon my death? Thus allowing my house to go to my children.

Posted: 2014-02-24 12:05 PM
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Obviously, you understand that your mortgage doesn't just go away when you do! I'm surprised at how often heirs don't understand that is the case and that the mortgage on the house they inherit will have to be refinaced or paid off if they sell or intend to occupy the property.


Your mortgage is an example of the type of debt that is often covered with term insurance.  I'm not sure how many years are left on the mortgage, but normally you can tailor your term life insurance coverage based on that timeframe. In other words, if you have 15 years left on your mortgage you could buy a 15 year term life insurance policy that would remain level in terms of death benefit and premiums throughout that 15 year period.  


USAA offers a full array of term and permanent insurance.  Visit to learn more and give one of our advisors a call at 800-771-9960 to review your options. Good luck!



Posted: 2014-02-26 09:43 AM


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