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Life insurance is at the foundation of a financial plan. It’s not a necessary evil; it’s an important tool that offers peace of mind.

5 Reasons to Be Impressed by the Survivor Benefit Plan

by User  JosephMontanaro  |  Retired, Army  |  San Antonio, TX  |  11-16-2015

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Although you may find it hard to get excited about the nitty-gritty of financial planning, SBP is a program that might buck that trend. At the very least, it's something you should consider seriously as you leave the service.

Medicare Dates Are Worth Remembering

by User  JosephMontanaro  |  Retired, Army  |  San Antonio, TX  |  10-13-2015

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Both money and coverage may be at stake when it comes time to alter your Medicare plan.

Leaving Military Life? Make Sure Your Health Is Covered

by User  JosephMontanaro  |  Retired, Army  |  San Antonio, TX  |  08-26-2015

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Sweeping changes in the world of health care make it all the more important to have a health care plan for your move to the civilian world.

Getting Back in the Insurance Groove

by User  JosephMontanaro  |  Retired, Army  |  San Antonio, TX  |  07-27-2015

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Before you get entrenched in your routine this fall, take some time to reivew all of your insurance to ensure it has kept pace with your life.

Figuring Out Your Life Insurance Number

by User  JosephMontanaro  |  Retired, Army  |  San Antonio, TX  |  07-13-2015

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Putting a price tag on the big events that dot the landscape of our lives can help answer the question, "how much life insurance do I need?"

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