worst bank I have ever done business with

Way to go USAA deposited [removed sensitive data] dollars on nov 30 and you would not pay the bills.  you put a hold on the funds.  I have noticed that the NSF fees have disappeared from my statements online with the exception of one.


I have also noticed that for some reason it is taking an extreme time to pay people from the accounts I have.


I have also noticed that you blocked me on facebook after questioning your BS statements that you were making to me on their.


I have called forty times in three days and have not gotten the same response for the same two questions from anyone.





Hello @vachieff82I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah 

This is a BS response, you are all liar's! I will continue to tell my formation to stay away from you guys... can't wait to see you guys go bankrupt.

As far as I know the USAA CEO, Wayne Peacock, the only CEO in the 100-some year history of USAA to have had no military service, makes about $5 million a year. That's not bad for someone who has accelarated the decline of a once venerable company. USAA can do the seedy things it does- abysmal customer service, bare minimum interest rates for account holders, farm out their investment services, engage in partisan activities and virtue signal- because Peacock has removed the last vestiges of honor and integrity from USAA. As long as the money keeps rolling in from trusting members who don't realize the pernicious company USAA has become, Peacock and the USAA Board don't care because they're rich!

I completely agree.  I had USAA Auto, Home and Valuable Personal Property Insurance for 30 years.  For 27, they were great...excellent service, mostly the lowest rate available and ran almost like a non-profit.  We would get dividends every year.  I dropped them last year.  They did not handle an auto insurance claim quickly and fairly and their rates were considerably higher for auto and especially higher for home.   Note that their demise corresponds to heavy marketing.  Their ads are all over and that has to cost the company a considerable amount.  It may be a more profitable company, but their "USAA Customer for Life" will not hold water for much longer as we veterans begin to realize their lower level of service and higher rates.  


I have mainted my USAA Federal Savings Account mostly because all my deposits are made to my accounts and all of my payments are made from my accounts, but I will eventually switch that as well. 

@Jgril it is disappointing to see that we lost our relationship with you last year due to your experience. 30 years is a long time and to see that end is very disheartening. I am going to share your feedback so that your voice is heard. We do listen. If we ever get the opportunity to earn your business,  and most importantly, your trust back in the future we would welcome that chance. Thank you for your 30+ year membership. -Meredith

I had to complain to the Better Business Bureau before anyone at USAA would make any time to resolve my issue. I have been with USAA for 20 years and had planned to stay forever; basically out of habit more than anything else. I have now completely lost trust in USAA. Leaving USAA has been a great move for me and my family.
@meredith, stop lying.

Smart move leaving USAA.  What has happened to USAA is a disgrace.

I moved to Charles Schwab for banking and Geico for insurance. Could not be happier.