Online billing deducted a $1000. from our acct and sent it to a co. I don't owe anything too. When I called about getting it back the rep said"we will email you a form in 5-8 days"! Really? This is USAA, not in my book. I've been with them for 35 years and this is unacceptable. The escalation to the resolution team was even less helpful. I wonder if their accounts got dinged for a grand, if they'd like being told to fill out a form (which I've not received) and wait for an indeterminate period.




Check out this article and see if it pertains to your situation. 


The above will only apply if the charge was not authorized by you.  Keep in mind if you had a previous authorization with the company, then USAA will probably not be able to help you recover the funds.  This is also true if you had a recurring on-line bill payment set-up.  These are not considered unauthorized charges and you will need to request reimbursement from the company that received the funds.


Hi Nadine,

Please email us here at with your member number and the details you provided above and we will get a specialist in touch as soon as possible to figure out the deduction from your account. Thank you.

It looks like you may be the victim of identity or account theft. Have you been contacted about any suspicious money-making schemes, or clicked a link in an email that took you to a site where you entered account usernames and passwords (these sites can look just like the real ones, but are fake)? Were you contacted from a company saying you had been involved in a large retailer site hack (some insurance agency hacks revealed enough information about a person for hackers to get past security settings on accounts)? Read up on "phishing", "spearphishing," phone scams and recent website hacks. Knowing what happened is key to solving the problem.


If you think you may have been affected by a scam, do as many of the following as you can:


*Change ALL account passwords immediately, including those on retailer sites. Good practice is not to use similar passwords for different sites, especially not the bank!


*Contact the company that billed you and report it as a fraudulent purchase; Often, legitimate companies will cooperate and issue refunds. If you get the impression they are not legitimate or uninterested in cooperating, report them to the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC is surprisingly good at resolving these complaints, as is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Their complaints processes are straightforward, too. I've used them before and I got my money back!


*If the bill was through your debit or credit card, challenging the charge should be straightforward through VISA/Mastercard' customer service, and almost always that will also result in the charge being cancelled.


*If the charge was direct from your bank account, often there isn't a way to recover the money. You may have to open a new checking account and close the other one to prevent more fraudulent bills. Unfortunately the laws that protect credit card users from fraudulent transactions aren't as strict for checking accounts.


*Run a credit report through or another service (the former is free if you haven't done it in the past year). If anything suspicious shows up, report it to the credit bureaus immediately. You can also have alerts set up on your credit reports so that you are notified if something changes.


*If any other fraudulent charges show up, especially if they show up on different accounts under your name, put a freeze on your accounts! That's a huge aggravation, but it's better than more theft.


Please also contact the USAA customer service provided in a previous reply. They may be able to help in ways I haven't described here.