website problems continue

The USAA website is becoming even more dysfunctional.

 Initially  I was unable to connect my credit card account with my Quicken budgeting account.  In spite of multiple attempts I am unable to either fix the connection or discuss the problem with the 'tech support' group.


Now, when I log on,  I'm unable to look at my credit card account nor my insurance account.


It is clear that the new website interface that was introduced in September remains unstable and full of glitches.

When does USAA plan to either correct the website flaws or revert to the interface that was functioning well earlier this year?

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They don't plan on reverting back to the previous, functioning interface.  That has been made crystal clear to me through several calls between me and representatives from the "CEO's office."  They want it to be "sleek and modern," and no amount of complaining from any amount of their customers will change this, or change their minds.  It doesn't matter how many of their customers they p*ss off, how many customers leave, or how many hours of work every one of their customers had to put in to recreate painstakingly laborious data, links, and connections to outside accounts, which they didn't bother to preserve in their zeal to roll this change out.  As you noticed, there are still multiple glitches with the new interface, and most aggravatingly, there are many, many external accounts that cannot be linked at all, despite being populated in the "add external account" box on the new interface.  Ironically, this even includes some of USAA's partners, such as Pr*gressive Insurance.


Too bad for you.  Too bad for all of us.