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I chose "finances" as probably the closest topic:


I believe the new web layout for accounts in the usaa site is a complete disaster: it is difficult to ascertain the specific accounts and when they were updated as opposed to the old layout.


What concerns me most importantly, however, is the inability to access prior period totals for expenses and other transactions; previously, one could apply the tool to sumarize expenses by category for up to a year on each specific account.  I have tried to get information from usaa reps on two occasions to no avail, they are uninformed.


Changes are sometimes good but usually bad because they are poorly thought out as is the case here with the changes to the web site.  It is a disaster!


Signed by a custormer of usaa since 1961.

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The revised website reflects the "we don't care attitude at USAA"--This has been reported as a problem for months. No effert to repair the mess or even to report the status by USAA. Thank you USAA for slamming the so called "MEMBERS" on this and many other issues. Sickening !

Still no action after months. Pathetic USAA customer service continues.

It's cute that you guys think USAA cares at all about this customer usability or functionality to benefit the customer.

For the last 5 years, customer service and web site functionality have consistently eroded at an ever-quickening pace.




@Tom77, Thank you for expressing your concerns with this feedback. These are the things we like to hear and learn from. I am forwarding this now to be reviewed by the appropriate are. ~Tom

Completely agree with this being a trainwreck.  Right during tax prep season.  WTAF were the UX people thinking???  This layout is TERRIBLE.   I have 18 banking accounts and 11 investment accounts tied to USAA for centralized money view -- the new layout is simply repulsive.  All we get is raw data -- it's not even formatted.  It's like they send the helpdesk people to a junior college web programming 101 class and let them loose on the web UI.  This is terrible.  Absolutely terrible.

Return the webpage to the prior edition--at least it had SOME value---KISS----KEEP IT SIMPLE----

@pinetree, Thank you for reaching out and sharing your feedback. I will be sure to forward your feedback to the appropriate department for review. Thank you - Tricia

Oh sure--Tricia--TY  .