Has anyone else had trouble with the watch list in the investment center on the mobile site. For two days it has been dropping the stocks I had entered into it. Very frustrating.


I have the exactly same problem as you have.

Yes, I am also having the same problem with the online webpage.  Most annoying!

We can't trade like this! Just sold a stock and the app no longer computes loss and gain prior to transaction

tippet (and others),

We appreciate your feedback and we will definitely share with the appropriate team for consideration. In the mean time, we would like to put you in touch with an investment specialist who can take a closer look at this situation and offer you assistance. If you would, please message us here:http://bit.ly/U7b7Jj. We are sorry for the issues. We hope to hear from all of you soon. 

Still having problems with Watchlist.  It only shows 1 or 2 of the funds when I previously listed several more.  Are the other fund names lost and do I need to re-enter?

I am having the same problem. I have tried several times. Sometimes it will add one security and when I add another it drops back to only to original one. A couple weeks ago I had all three and then two of them disappeared. I have not been able to add them back in. I even deleted the watch list and created a new one; same problem.

I have the same isue as the rest of you. I am unable to add to my watchlist, It either shows 2 or 1 item in the list. Example: i had one symbol showing. I added 3 more and it decided to only show 2. The original itme and one other. Definite issue with the watchlist.

I'm having problems with watch list as well - it has an edit option, steps you through process of adding (helpfully letting you know you can add up to 9 more symbols to your watch list), and after adding and saving the edited watch list, it very helpfully drops the one I just added and only shows the one stock I originally had on the list. 


Seems like a simple fix for a couple of coder-nerds. Get it done, please!!

I am having this problem too.  It will only keep two or three on the watch list.