I know it will not matter what I say and this will go unresolved. Just very disappointed and frustrated. Deposited my payroll check on Friday, the funds are being held until Wed the 3rd. After speaking with USAA customer service (2 different people), they could not fix it. I had a NSF (first one in years) for $29 back on Nov. 24 and this sparked the hold--Not a hold on the check deposited in December or January but the one from February. Very frustrated and didn't really get a great answer to why this happened now.  Its a sizable check that coincides with half my expenses coming due on Feb. 1 & 2.  So I guess I will just have to figure out how to fix it myself.


@chris bedard, Sorry to hear you are disappointed and frustrated. Yes there are many factors that go into these systematic holds like acct history, size of check, the average daily balance etc. 


A few things to consider in the future would be trying to have direct deposit if available as opposed to a check. Those funds are available immediately, just like a wire transfer and cash advance.


Also I always recommend Overdraft Protection, just in case you are a little low when the bills hit. I am forwarding this feedback now. Thank you for reaching out ~Tom