Unable to use USAA credit card while travelling in Europe


You probably didn't leave a travel notification?


Thank you for your comment regarding using your USAA card overseas. You will need to speak with a service specialist in order to address your concern. You can reach a specialist by clicking here or by telephone at 1-800-531-8722.

I am a retired pilot with Federal Express.  I used my USAA credit car for over 15 years flying internationally.  Never had a problem.  Literally flew around the world, Europe, Asia, Auastralia, near East, Far East, you name it, no problems.

Europe uses cards with the embedded chips...for years. U.S. merchants will catch-up someday.
USAA has a credit card with the chip. I use it every week when I fly to Europe. You're correct in that most merchants require a card with a chip. The USAA debit card currently has no chip but works fine at virtually all european ATM's. I'm thinking this is an operator error issue.