Could you please provide specifics on when the USAA secured credit card will again be offered? This message:


New Secured Card Coming

If you need to build or rebuild your credit, we're working towards creating a credit card for you. In the meantime, please check out our other credit cards.


has been on USAA's website for about a year, so this is quite misleading, and I have the impression USAA is not serious about this product. We'd like to stay with USAA, but if USAA is not really planning to offer this card, I'd appreciate knowing so we can move on to another financial institution that does offer one.


I spoke to a representative this evening about the product, and she had no idea that USAA was planning to offer one in the future.


Is USAA really planning to offer a secured card in the future? If so, when?


@Matt77, your inquiry regarding a secured card is important to us. Your concerns will be routed to the appropriate team for review and a follow up will be made with you. Thank you. - Rhonda

I'd suggest moving to a new financial institution for a secured credit card. The one Usaa did offer does not graduate and I highly doubt that the will ever change that. I've been requesting this change since 2013 with the same "blah blah your feedback is appreciated" but NOTHING CHANGES!! Once you improve your credit with the secured card and get a high limit rewards card you would have to hurt your credit with closing your oldest line of credit to get you dormant capital out of the CD. It's a unfair and adverse action USAA is putting thier members through. Unless USAA plans on graduating these cards I would HIGHLY RECOMEND AGAINST IT!
USAA care to respond???????

@MarkMM, Thank you for voicing your concerns about the USAA Secured Card. I'm sharing your post with the appropriate team for review. ~DC

What a joke. Same response for the last 6 years....I am embarrassed to be a USAA member with the way you treat this concern.

What a joke. Same response for the last 6 years....I am embarrassed to be a USAA member with the way you treat this concern.

Mark, It's the ole--we'll send your request up for review--and then file 13 or send it our space archive. Are you still holding your breath on this one? :-) Unfortunately, you'll have to start lowering your expectations about the services you're getting--or not getting through this organization.

@ wrote:
USAA care to respond???????

Mark, there you go. It's going to a SME for another six years. :-)

Hi Rhonda - just checking in on that follow-up you promised. When should I expect to hear from the appropriate team? (Didn't realize this was such a complicated question!) Thanks.

Hello @Matt77, I will escalate your concerns regarding this follow up. -Colleen