Does USAA have investment with Energy Transfer Partners or with the North Dakota pipeline? I called today and though the operator was friendly, she was not able to give me an answer. This is important for me to know where my money is going.


Thanks for reaching out, Jessicanmaste. I've sent a request to a colleague in our investment group to research this for you. Please allow sufficient time for this to be completed. - Cathleen

Jessicanamaste, Thank you for reaching out to USAA. Assuming your question is around the USAA institutional portfolios, we are unable to disclose the details of the underlying investments within those portfolios due to regulatory requirements and it isn’t information available to the employees. ~ Lori

This is a frustrating and disappointing answer. I'm planning on closing another bank account associated with a bank funding the pipeline and was hoping to transfer everything to my USAA account, but it's important to me that my investment in USAA come with clarity and transparency in your services. I feel strongly about disassociating my finances with the Dakota Access Pipeline and I'm not sure what to make of the statement above.

Blue Juniper, Our best recommendation is to contact our investments department at 210-531-8722 to see if they can provide any additional detail on investment portfolios. Thank you ~Michelle

I am researching the same thing and hope to move my banking from Wells Fargo to USAA as the costumer service has been great with my insurance. Please let me know what you find out and I plan to call Monday, myself. Thanks. 

Mik1, while many USAA mutual funds invest in equity or debt securities issued by energy companies, our USAA Banking accounts are all serviced in house. We'd love for you to join our banking family! You can find more about the different products we offer under the Products link at the top of the website. -Marisa

This site has a pretty thorough list of those banks connected both directly and secondarily with the Dakota Pipeline. USAA is not on the list, however, what I don't know is what energy companies USAA may have shares in.

The following link shows USAA High Income Fund Annual Report that shows their portfolio investments:


This link shows who's banking and invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline:


Even though USAA does not directly profit from the DAPL indirectly it will by their portfolio investments with the following companies (see pages 24-26 in the annual report):

  • Energy Transfer Partners
  • Energy Transfer Equity
  • Sunoco

It's disappointing to discover and I will be interested to see how USAA will respond ethically to these findings or if they even care?

I called in and asked for an answer to the question - Is USAA invested in the DAPL? I got the corporate response, that they are not allowed to disclose the investments. I think the previous post describes how USAA's investment portfolio is supporting the institutions that are backing the DAPL. I believe that since veterans are on the front line to protext and support the native americans who reject the drilling in order to protect the water for millions of people downstream, that USAA should make changes to the investment portfolios to eliminate any ties to the institutions that are backing the Dakota Access Pipeline.


To reach the branch that would receive this demand, I was told to contact


CEO Member Relations


M-F 7:30am - 5:00pm Central time


Fax: 800-531-5717


Mailing address: 

USAA Credit Card Services

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