usaa doesn't understand its members may have "non-domestic" mobile phone numbers for texting security codes

usaa is clueless that members may have mobile phone numbers that are not domestic. I tried to set up a transfer from my usaa banking accounts to an external, non-usaa financial instution. Apparently, unless you have a domestic phone number on file that they can text to, you can not set up an external account. 


Other institutions/businesses that use 2 system verification understand and can send text codes to my non-US based mobile without a problem. Amazon sends codes when logging in to confirm identity, regardless of the country my mobile phone is based in. Every other business that I work with has no problem texting a confirmation code to a non-US based mobile phone number. Even the federal government can send a text code to a non-US mobile. Only usaa fails to understand that US Citizens often reside outside the US and may have mobile phones with "non-domestic" phone numbers.


usaa needs to discover that it has members who have other than domestic mobile phone numbers.


Another sign of the dropping of usaa customer service and responsiveness.  I have the shame to admit that I have been a member for 40 years. I have the pride to say I have been moving my financials to other institutions because of usaa's continued poor customer service.


@Been there Done That, thank you for taking the time to post in our Community. We appreciate your feedback. I located your profile and your concerns will be referred for additional review, and a subject-matter expert will reach out to you. Trica

You might want to give NFCU a call. They have a lot of members who live overseas--even have a few branches offices at military bases overseas. My father lives in Italy and only uses them for all his banking/ATM needs. He looked at USAA, but I told him of the issues I had on the banking/CC side and recommended he stay with NFCU. I left USAA's banking side a couple years ago (after about 30+yrs) and started doing more with NFCU (been with them for 40yrs), because their products and services were more reliable and easy to work with. USAA Bank was a joy to deal with back in the 1980s and 1990s, but they have become so big that they have no longer have an idea what made them great. They only thing they continue to improve on--is their aggressiveness in advertising department. They don't seem to be as aggressive when it comes to addressing issues encountered by many of their members.