updates have devastated my budget

Wow. All my scheduled transactions, GONE. I was reliant on the USAA app for years to track, match, and help me budget each month and now it has all been obliterated by an update. The new budgeting tool is not user friendly and is not nearly as good as the old scheduled transactions feature.


Sure, I saw the notifications that there was a new "experience" coming to online banking, but one never dreams that USAA would completely obliterate functionality in the app. Never take away functionality. I can't believe USAA did this.


I am in the process of recreating all my transactions as reminders. It is much harder to understand, and you can no longer match transactions (they have to be deleted once the date has passed). I'm moving everything to a spreadsheet. I feel like it was much more secure within the USAA app. What if my computer crashes and I lose all my data? This update was bad, just bad.

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Hello @diesel3k and thank you for taking the time to post regarding scheduled transactions. Your feedback regarding this matter is appreciated. Your comments will be shared with the appropriate team in an effort to improve our services. Please review http://usaa.com/bankupdate click on “Learn More” to view Money Manager FAQ. I apologize for any inconvenience this matter has caused. ~Sarah