trying to find a missing account

I have been trying unsuccessfully to reach an actual person who can help me.

I found an old retirement account from the early 2000s and discovered that I had actually rolled it into a USAA brokerage account- DWS (who held it before) gave me the account number and share amounts and the date it occurred (Aug 6, 2007).

I called USAA and was directed to talk to Schwab- I did that and Mo in Austin said there is nothing there and to call USAA back.

I spoke with Gerald at USAA on 9/7/21 and he said that he doesn't see an account and transferred me to a voicemail that handles "closed accounts." I have been trying to find a direct number for that department/person but can't find anything on the website and can't get through the phone tree to a person again. Currently, I'm in a "we'll call you back when you get to the front of the line" hold and it's already been longer than reported.

Does anyone have advice on how to get an actual human to help me find the money that USAA has misplaced for me?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @Tracy W, I have forwarded your concerns to a subject matter expert. They will be reaching out once reviewed. -Colleen

thank you.

I finally just spoke to another agent at USAA- Tatiana. She told me I need to try two other places (Victory Capitol and National Financial Services) and gave me 800#s to call, so I'll have to take more time off work to make these calls- I'm sure it'll be another few hours of work to figure out how USAA has lost my money.

Why doesn't USAA have the ability to track an account that was held there for many years and seems to have disappeared?? Why am I doing all the legwork here when USAA clearly made some error somewhere?



Update- just spent some time on the phone with National Financial Services, who said they have no record of me and to call USAA back.

Then I called Victory Capitol, who tell me that they only acquired mutual funds, not brokerage, and don't have records for anything before 2014 and no record of me. They (Dorin and her supervisor and Carlos) were really nice and helpful, though, so that was much appreciated after all this effort. They said to call USAA back.


Does anyone know if USAA has records of an account that might have been closed in 2008 (that's the only other thing I can think of- there was a family emergency that year and it may have been closed, but there don't appear to be records)?

What department would I call for that?