Yes it's the entire site sadly nothing we can do until it's fixed or we can call when they open but I'm guessing it will be a long wait since everyone is having the same problem with not being able to view their money accounts

The phone prompts are e x t r e m e l y   sssslllooowwww as well.  I think there are some serious hardware/software issues going on right now...

So I can't see my banking account information online or on the app.

This is awesome (note the sarcasm)

An email alerting me to this issue would have been nice; instead I log into my account and don't see anything and there's no type of notification message until I log in online.

What did the message say

The notification message said 'Some of your account information may not be visible at this time'.



I can't see any of my banking information either, both online & the mobile app.

She didn't get a message she said or he said it would have been nice
It's everyone tho sadly so we just have to wait it out it's prolly the servers or something
Or call but I'm sure everyone will be calling when they open so there will be long hold times
One can hope I was something explaining what was going on