there is no drop-down option to file a complaint related to numerous USAA products

The only options under filing a grievance are health insurance, property insurance, mobile/website, and life insurance. What about checking/savings and credit cards ... ?


How do I file a complaint about USAA falsely reporting that my oldest credit card account is closed, subsequently lowering my credit score, in the middle of a pandemic while I try to secure housing?


To boot, when you try to submit *any* message through the messaging center it says 

Request failed with status code 500


@rattlesnakes, I understand that you need to file a complaint in regards to your credit card account being reported as closed. USAA has identified an error where certain member credit card accounts were reported to the credit reporting agencies as “Closed by Grantor" when the accounts are open and available for your use subject to your available credit. USAA has submitted corrections to the consumer reporting agencies. But I've still submitted your complaint to the appropriate area for review. - Ben