theft - all money stolen from all of our accounts by someone using a phone

they kept transferring little amounts from one account to another and then quietly took almost $3000. My son called on 12/3, after probably two hours on the phone with USAA, they had him change everything, security etc and said a fraud claim was being started immediately. I looked at our accounts, which our son is on, and they his us too. I called USAA, got my son on a three way and after 4 people and three+ hours, they are supposedly filing this as a 'ACCOUNT TAKEOVER". Five accounts were hit, someone did it by a phone with the ap, transferred all money USAA said to a Paypal account, which none of us have. Calling Paypal, while still on phone with USAA, they went back & forth about confirmation #'s, bla bla bla... both say basically the money is gone, tuff luck. Paypay said they just move money, sounds like laundering, but they bare no responsibility. USAA said money is gone nothing they can do. Whoever this Takeover agency is, they are suppose to call within 48 hours. that would be Monday before 3pm. Thought our funds were save and insured!! I have never heard of anything so blatantly wrong. This is an absolute Felony especially due to amount. Let me add, after my son talk to them on 12/3, and they flagged everything, well, after that, they kept taking out of accounts.
Has anyone else gone thru this? If so, what happened?
PAY ATTENTION EVERYBODY.... wonder who is running this financial institution now, Congress?????




I am sorry to hear of this, I have sent this right over to our fraud team for review. They will be reaching out to you. Thank you.

Is there any chance your son was scammed and that's how this started? There's a scam going around where people specifically look for USAA members and tell them they can deposit a bunch of money into their account and "all they need it that person's online log-in credentials and pin." 


Unfortunately, if that's the case, banks don't have legal responsibility in the case of someone getting scammed and giving out their bank account information. 

Wow thats crazy
Well, I will say That USAA has been the best and fastest to rectify this matter. I was so upset at first post and meant no disrespect to USAA. I am so irriatated at the BS people pull. There obviously some type of scam that happened, but I am not going there. I really wanted everyone to stay on top of their game and finances.
As a Mother of a grown man and Active Duty - I was shall we say, upset!!

It was all cleared up in great time. I have never been a victim of a crime like this and neither has anyone in my family, but sounds like we are lucky.
So Note to ALL:
Be greatful USAA has got your back. We are. Dont get lazy especially with any of your finances and keep it tight during the holidays.
Thank You to all especially USAA, Nina...

Semper FI



I am happy to hear things are taken care of and sorted out. Trust me when I say, I absolutely understand, so there is no need for apologies. We truly do strive to assist all members, even though the outcome sometimes may not be what the member wishes for. Thank you for keeping us updated, have a Happy Holidays!

Glad they helped you, I am currently going through a circus of problems in resolving my account  being hacked and my wife's ID being  stolen.