spending plan tool has been ruined--change back to how it was before

The spending plan tool to "my budget" is terrible and makes the feature much more cumbersome and unhelpful. Please allow for the user to choose to continue to use the old version. The collection of categories into higher level categories is not necessary or useful. The width of the display of information is way too narrow. The display of empty columns (eg I do not use schedules transactions, I don't want to see it) yet a space for that still shows up. It is not clear where numbers are coming from. Flashy animated pie charts are useless and just make everything slower. Sometime old is gold. Please let things be or else give an option to let people choose what they want. Thanks PT Swanson




Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I have passed them onto the appropriate party for review. They are currently working to address all of the feedback we have received from members



thank you for sharing the link. The most up to date status on "My Budget" can be found in that discussion thread.