reordering checks

I have been ordering checks for 20 years titled with my name only on a joint account and also, I use an initial for my first name on the checks.  All of a sudden the reorder comes with my full name and my wife's name (it is a joint account) , and to change to single name and an initial for the first name seems about impossible.  They also now abbreviate the second word of the city I have on the checks.

Why the change after 20 years of checks.

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 HI there! We can understand the frustration with the check orders.  Check orders are required to have the same name as the names of your account.  In the past, the option to modify this was available. However, we no longer offer this option.   We can certainly submit the feedback regarding this on your behalf.   

I am sure you mean required by USAA, not the regulations.  I can still get the checks printed the way I want them titled at an outside vendor.


We apologize for any inconvenience cause by the change in regulatory policy.

This is a half-answer. Was this a USAA requirement or a regulatory one? Did USAA have to do this, or choose to do so?