My spouse is in the military and i made this Account last year so he could transfer money so i can pay bills and i still haven't been able to receive anything or contact him?!?


I'm sure, if you contact the bank by their 1-800 number, and ask to speak to a representative, they can either help you by fixing the problem, or explain any additional actions that you need to take.

As to your not being able to contact your husband, send him a communication advising that if need be, the Red Cross is handy in this area, but that you understand that superiors aren't that keen on having to deal with these kinds of  "lost and founds".

It's all about finding the right people to help with what you need, and what they excell at. Best of luck. :)


Please contact a member services representative at 1-800-531-8722. Thank you.

Ill call thanks
Very frustrating