Does anyone have information or experience With Freedom Debt relief LLC to pay off credit card debt


I do not recommend using a for profit company for debt assistance.  In the very least, check out one of the non-profits first such as American Consumer Credit Counseling.  You might want to take some time and read the BBB Complaints on Freedom Debt before signing up for their services.


BBB for American Consumer Credit Counseling



With these types of situations, I would recommend giving one of our financial experts a call. They are able to be reached at: 1-800-771-9960.Thank you for posting in the community!

I was able to obtain a personal loan to pay off my credit card debt.  I've always been great about managing my credit card debt but purchased a home and ran up quite the debt with the cost of movers and everything else associated with homeownership. I just couldn't get the bill paid down.  I was able to obtain a debt consolidation loan at a much lower interest rate and will be paid off in 36 months.  If you do this you cannot run up the credit card bills again.  The debt didn't go away.  It just makes it much more manageable.  With the high credit card debt gone I'm able to breathe and sleep at night!  An added bonus is my credit scores soared once the low balances were reported to the credit bureaus!  Good luck!