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I am extremely frustrated with USAA/Southern Oak.  I received my annual homeowners policy premium and the total seemed to not add up to what the bill stated.  I have called USAA four times in the last 6 days, been transferred, told my issue would be "escalated", and have not heard from anyone yet.  Today I called again, but was told, they would send my issue to "underwriting" and that I should call back in another 4 days (which is exactly what I was told the first two times I called USAA).  This is getting totally unfair to me.  I want to pay my bill, but pay the correct amount I should pay.  When I made my second call to USAA today, they transferred me to Southern Oak.  The Southern Oak underwriter I spoke with understood my issue and said he would work on it today and telephone me later.  At least I feel someone at Southern Oak was going to help me, when I absolutely feel USAA (I have been a member for 30+ years) could not care about me or my silly issue and just passed me along.  Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with USAA now.


I wish there was an email to someone in management I could express my total dissatisfaction and frustration, but of course, only the "non-customer service" people are my contacts, and that doesn't get me anywhere.

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Hello @beveryaware, we thank you for your membership with USAA and sharing your renewal experience with us today.  I certainly get your concerns with getting assistance with your upcoming renewal and know your membership is truly appreciated, as I have forwarded your situation to the appropriate team.  As it is sent for further review, your continued patience is appreciated.  ~Marco