I'm really disappointed to find that USAA no longer offers a pre-paid card. From reading other forum posts, it seems to have been marketed for kids. The response seems to be to use one of the youth savings/checking account options......Although this doesn't seem to be an option the parents want.


My problem is that I want them for my husband and I to use for our "allowance" so we don't accidentally overspend while we are in strict budget mode. Cash is inconvenient for online buying or even getting gas (pre-pay in a Michigan winter...fun!). Yes we can monitor our spending online and through quicken but I was really hoping to use a modern equivalent of the envelope method for controlling spending. I'd also rather not have a few hundred dollars in cash in my wallet waiting to get lost or stolen. 


We don't need another account. I just wanted a modern version of cash. 


Please, Please bring back this product!


Rookie 580, 

Thank you for your feedback. I will pass it on to the appropriate department. 



Tara, I was looking around for a prepaid credit card. There's a friend of mine on active duty in my "extended' family, that has a need for one for a short period of time. Being on active, it is the easiest way I can get funds to him in as needed with no time lag,, by linking the card to one of my accounts, for his use. My extended family has had a couple of people on active, and seeing as though i am the "duty grandparent' that is retired navy, many times i have more easily been able to help them, especially thru USAA.   HOWEVER, reading some of the posts by the community about the pre paid cards, and not finding them on your banking product site tonight, i assume they are no longer offered. Please consider bringing them back. There's not enought time to help me out , but please consider bringing the product back for help needed by other families, especially by the parents and grandparents. PS - you market them for children. My use was to help family members on active or reserve, away from home. Really recommend don't limit the use to children.... thank you, and help for others would be apprecieted.  Oh yes - most businesses take visa and m/c - either or both of these offered would be the best to offer, in my opinion.  Please pass on for consideration.  sd


You're correct they are not offered at this time. I will pass on this information from you that is below. I understand the situation you are describing. 

Thank you for your feedback. 

I have seen you say "Thank you for your feedback. I will pass it through to the appropriate department." for the last several months on this topic.  Do you think you are getting anywhere or perhaps you can explain to us why it was discontinued.  As I read more and more posts about this I find more and more complelling reasons why this a a helpful product for customers young and old.   Perhaps if we could understand why it was discontinued so recently at USAA when it's offered at many other banks.

Thank you,


I am a dutiful grandparent as well and my children often need help.  I had them open a USAA checking account and get a debit card.  When they need help, I transfer money into their account and it is instantly available on their debit card.  Since my kids are all in the USA, the debit card is not an issue.  I can see where overseas, it might not work as well.  As an example, my son was at the auto repair shop and the repair bill was more than he had available.  I jumped on line, transferred money to his checking and within 5 minutes he paid his bill and was on his way.  The accounts do NOT need to be linked but do need to be set up to accept your transfer.  Once done the first time, their account will come up as a choice for your transfer from then on.

Rookie.... the way I do it is I opened an account at a local credit union.  I have to keep $5 in the account to keep it open.  When my pay deposit is made into USAA, I transfer my "allowance" to the credit union and use that debit card for my spending.  I can also make a transfer automatic on a given day in a given amount so I don't have to do the transfer but I prefer to make sure the funds are available rather than have my deposit not happen and then the automatic transfer generate an insufficient funds charge.  It also gives me the ability to cash paper checks without fees if I can't get the deposit@home working or if I just want the cash and don't want to deposit at USAA.