My previous employer sold my part of their company to another company.  I decided to retire since i am close to age 65.  I became employed by the second company so i was assured income until i started receiving my pension benefits.  I have since decided to continue working for the second company.  Can I continue receiving my pension benefits while working?  

My 401k is still under the old employer until the end of the year while they transition it over to the new employer.  Can I contribute to my 401k to get the new matching from my new employer while it is still with the same investment company with my old employer?


s@retire, those are good questions. I would recommend to speak with your employer to see what options are available and best for you. Thank you. -Cynthia 

The investment company that handles my pension said my new employer has nothing to do with my pension benefits because they remained with my old employer.  I need an accountant or tax attorney to talk to.