Can I pay off ny USAA Visa bill with my American Express charge?


Hello @3434 and thank you for reaching out to us. Sadly you cannot pay using one credit card to directly pay the debt on another card. Another option for you would be to process a balance transfer through your American Express charge. Hope this helps! :) ~Sarah 

Make sure you understand the pros and cons of transferring a credit card balance. You can incur in additional fees to make it happen.

Hello @3434 and thank you for reaching out to us. To further assist you with your Visa bill, please call us at 21-531-8722 or initiate a chat on You can also pay your Visa bill on 

On the USAA Pay Bills page:

  1. Select the bill.
  2. Select Set Up Automatic Payments from the Bill Management section.

Hope this helps! :) ~Sarah 


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