Hi there, I'm new just joined USAA, and and the army too, looking to make the best of this, any advise I'm greatly appreciate


Welcome to the Army and USAA family! :)

Welcome. Lots of options. Set some goals. Give them a call. Always helpful and great advice.
Invest but only money that will not hurt you if you lose it. Be safe and learn your stuff before you do. Also talk to a financial advisor at usaa they're alright at their jobs but if they can't help I'm a business and marketing major you could always email me or post your email on here and I can get in touch with you.
But I want to add it's only advice and I hold no legal standing to do so just one person to another. It might be better talking to a usaa advisor if your not comfortable with getting information from someone else.

Definitely call up the USAA financial advice section and just talk to someone. Explain that you're just starting out and let them guide you through subjects like budgeting, saving, investing, insurance, etc. My sister did this when she first moved out on her own and they really set her up nicely. It was all free advice over the phone also since she didn't do one of those in-depth financial advice analyses. Good luck and remember to always spend less than you make!