was told by one usaa operator that my funds could possibly be released earlier by amgr. or executive..now a new operator says its impossible..pls clarify & shouldnt all operators be on the same page? thank u


it may say somewhere in small writing my funds would b held for a week but maybe u could make this clearer as this is a huge inconvenience..
balance shows340 on$500 lim.just took bus out2wmart in Wisconsin(14°&snowing)2find myfunds wont b released4 5more days?! pls dont show my bal. having$160 avail. when i hav0..would have saved wasted time&trip...thx
not2mention this is all the$ i have 4 next couple weeks :-(

Dear frmr reservist,

I am sorry you have received conflicting information about the holds on your funds. I would like to get a specialist in contact with you to see if this can be sorted out. Please message us here with the best way to contact you and details about your situation.


Just for general knowledge, the Funds Availability details (in the depository agreement) can be found on page 28 of this PDF document.


Thank you

I made a mobile deposit on Feb. 11th with a check from The Bank of New York. At first the check was placed on hold because the camera only captured 2/3 of the check image which allowed it to still be accepted but at the same time placed the check on hold. I spoke to someone above the customer service rep level that explained to me because only a partial image was captured the check was placed on hold, but the agent went ahead and released the funds because he said he was familiar with checks from the issuing bank. On Mar. 9th, I went to the UPS Store and deposited another check from the same issuing bank and same company. Again, the check is on hold until Mar. 17th...


So my first question is why was the check placed on hold again even though its from the same issuing bank, which according to your employee, there is some familiarity with the issuing bank? Last time I spoke with someone above the customer service rep level, I was told the hold issue was due to the camera not capturing the whole check. Now, I know that transactions go through the Federal Reserve, but I also know from speaking with the issuing bank that my bank could always call and verify funds, but it's up to my bank if they want to go that extra step. It's apparent from talking with the customer service rep this morning that she was not open to the idea of verifying the funds or transferring me to someone that would've gone that extra mile.


And my second question is where does the accrued interest go for the seven days that my check is on hold? I've had this account for almost a year now but it's just recently that I've started having these issues with depositing checks, but not with money orders.

plz contact me at XXXXXXXXXXXX orXXXXXXXX....thank you..jeff XXXXXXXX



Dear frmr reservist,

I have removed the data you posted in order to keep your personal information safe. In order for a member service specialist to reach out to you you must send us a message using this link:




I am sorry for the confusion.

thank you ma;am..i tried to myself after realizing anyone could read this..much appreciated...2nd operator i talked to said there was no way my funds could b released before sun.[7 days after payment went through] talked to 3rd operator cpl hours ago..she said he[2nd op] was totally wrong and i would have funds tomorrow[2-3 bus days] ..2nd time today i got totally opposite info from 2 different ppl...2nd op even claimed it was new federal law that my funds couldnt b released before 7 days..3rd operator said she never heard of this..she was very polite[even wished me happy bday for the 25th] but still didnt want to let me talk to any supervisors/exec..&i didnt press the issue though i rlly wanted2speak to someone who could clarify the conflicting info im getting...i just want2no if my funds will b held 7days[til sunday]or only til tomorrow&if they r held til sun. can an exec or mgr release some of the funds before sunday..once again thank u

My husband has been on the phone with usaa for almost an hour. I recently got a new job and my first paycheck wasn't direct deposited. Takes 2 cycles. They held $93. Its been 4 business days. They won't release the funds. We had this problem when my husband got a new job. They asked us to borrow money from a family member and then began to question our purchases. First, we don't have anyone to borrow money from, and shouldn't have to when we have money that the bank won't give us. Second, its no one's business what we spend money on!!!! My husband will get paid tomorrow, but need OUR money for gas tonight to get to work. He will now miss a shift and almost $200, for a $93.00 hold. I thought they are supposed to be there for the troops, not turn them away. Will be closing our account.