What happened to my watch list? I routinely go to see what happened each day. (Most days)

I was surprised and disappointed to be unable to find it when I went there last evening.




It went to Swaab. They sold all the investment business off to boost bonuses for executives and Bd of Directors. This is the new USAA.

You can wait until 17 JUN to see your gain/loss or you can manually input your share prices for each of your positions on Schwab. Also Office 365 Excel can update your info if you track them in a spreadsheet. Office 365 Excel is able to pull info with the ticker.


Current gain/loss information may not be available on Schwab.com until June 17 for any positions formerly held at USAA. You can still find past information on your prior USAA statement, which you can access after logging into USAA.com.

This has been advertised for months with countless emails and notifications on their website. Where were you?