I am at my anxiety breaking point and don't have good credit and I am in need of help. Any suggestions?


First of all you have my sympathy, as I understand the stress you're under.


Have you applied for USAA's SECURED Credit cards that will help you build/rebuild your credit? Are you actively seeking credit counseling from people that are there to help people like you build their credit futures?


I'd advise using CreditKarma.com to monitor your credit history and its a valuable and FREE service that really helps.


Also, I'd recommend listening to Clark Howard (just Google him). He's in the business of administering advice to folks such as yourself. Download his Podcasts and listen to them in your car while traveling. People in your situation call into his show every single day and he adresses them politely and succinctly. 


Live within your means, get rid of things you don't need like CABLE TELEVISION, Cell phones, etc.


Best of wishes.


No I am needing money to get the bills fully paid off and I am living with roommates that aren't paying their fair share. I am paying all the bills. And I have made the mistake in putting the electric and gas as well as cable in my name trusting that they will be paying their share. I was wrong.

Oh, okay then, that's even easier to remedy.


Move out!


Or, make them (the freeloaders) move out! Problem solved.


I strongly recommend visiting daveramsey.com or reading the book "Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey.  Don't go into more debt by borrowing money.  Credit cards are for normal people.  Normal people are BROKE and in DEBT!  Let today be the first day you decide not to be normal anymore!  Don't let somebody talk you into borrowing more money.  


Learn Dave Ramsey's "Baby Steps" principles.  Right now your priority should be food, clothing, and shelter.  Cover the basic needs before you pay any creditors.  Don't worry about your credit score.  You won't need a credit score when you turn your life around and stop being normal - I mean BROKE.  Cash is king.


Dave Ramsey's principles are proven to work.  It is up to you to take control of your money.  Taking control of your money is only 20 percent head knowledge; the other 80 percent is behavior.  I wish you success on your path to defeat debt and move on to a life of saving and building wealth, never to borrow money again.