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Military gets paid on the first and fifteenth and i understand that. However seeing as how navy federal has already been paid it would sure be nice to get paid today. Its just frustrating sometimes how they always get paid so much earlier.



Our paycheck (we are AD Army) is always available to us the day before the 1st - so if the first is not a weekend (ie it's not until Tuesday of next week) then you won't see your check until Monday (which is still a day early!).


*This is a personal reply from me and not the official USAA policy or such. Just thought I'd help you out. 

I understand policy it just feels to me that usaa would want to try and give their members what other banks are giving theirs. Seems to me like usaa is just strict to policy and not willing to help out their customers like navy federal.
I often ask myself the same qustion...it seems other credit unions provide better assistance than USSA...even when it comes to insurance,savings deposit especially for deployed Soldiers..
AD AF, how much sooner do you need it?!?
It is coming a day in advance already..
did this only happen on this pay period or has it happened repeatedly over the last several?
Well it is nice to have it as early as other banks have it natalias. Some of us have kids and bills. To everyone else yes this does always happen navy fed always gets paid before us.
How about a little better money management if you are struggling and living a life where a day can "make you or brake you" maybe it will be wise to have a look at the way you are managing your money. Also USAA ALWAYS deposit a day earlier.
I have 6 kids, two houses and a car and motorcycle. One military income.
Money management seems to be the issue here. Like a previous poster mentioned,if one day makes or breaks it for you something is wrong.
Usaa has free financial advisors, I would suggest giving one a call. Unless your credit union has them free also?
When I was in, the people I worked with were mad when they found out I was paid an they weren't. It still happens now. I get paid every other Friday and my money is in Thursday morning and they have to wait. Be happy that you get it a day early. When I was stationed I Guam and had Wells Fargo we didn't get paid til the 16th.