I would like to use the budgetting tool within USAA rather than an outside app not linked to my transactions.  But I do envelope budgetting and I prefer to name my categories, which are very different than the categories USAA decided I should be using.  


It is possible rename the high level categories?  At first I tried to use the subcategories under Misc but then I realized they would all be under the misc category and the same color on the chart and not broken down.  


If this is not possible, please submit this request to the development team.  There are many different styles of budgetting and being able to name your categories to suite your style would be helpful.


Thank you.


Hi rmrcleo,

Thanks for your questions! At this time, the top 11 categories are set and cannot be edited and new categories cannot be added at this level. However, you currently can create your own categories under existing categories.


On usaa.com: From My Budget, select a transaction that allows you to choose a category and select the Category drop-down box. At the top of the box, before all of the category choices, you will see an option to Manage Categories. Select that option and select Add Subcategory wherever you need or select the trash can icon to remove any categories you’ve created. Save.


On our mobile app: From My Budget, select Edit Budget. Scroll to the bottom of the next screen and select Add / Edit Categories. Chose one of the eleven top-level categories where you want to create a sub-category. Then select Add Sub.


This video could also help with the customization:



The ability to change the high level categories in on a list of planned enhancements. We appreciate your feedback (and welcome further comments)!



Thank you!

Regarding adding/adjusting budget categories, I followed the instructions given by the USAA rep to look for "manage categories" under the budget tool, but that option did no appear for me - any recommendations? Basically need to add utilities, etc., and I don't see a way to do it.

Hi mrc1,


Thank you for your question. I have passed this along to our MyBudget expert for review and once I have an answer for you, I will be sure to post here.

Is this every going to be corrected? It shows the option in the video, but it's not there for me. 

Add/Edit Categories... it clearly shows this in the video but I am not given this option. I actually beleive I was abe to do this at one point but now it's gone. Please clarify.   

I also am not seeing the "Manage Categories" dropdown menu at all.



Hi lalst,


You can manage your budget categories by selecting the “Category” drop down from any transaction within your budget or from an account. The list of categories will display and at the top of the categories will be a choice to "Manage Categories". You are also able to manage your categories from the USAA mobile app.



But 'Manage Categories' does not include an option to 'Add Categories'. If I don't like the subgroupings USAA has decided on, there isn't a way for me to split that out. For example, I would prefer to keep 'Travel' and 'Entertainment' separate, but they are grouped under the 'Entertainment' category. Please make this more customizable!

Topaz10, thanks for reaching out. For assistance with this, please contact our technical team at 1-877-632-3002. They can provide any options on the categories. - Cathleen