i sent USAA a message about the $24 charge for use of a check

Today I received a call from a representative in the, as she stated, the CEO's ofice. She told me that she could not remove the $24 charge because she would be "lying" to the computer system. She asked me if I had a copy of the letter showing the charge. I had looked for that letter yesterday on USAA but it was not stored as a part of MY Documents, so I told her "no, I did not have the letter". She told me that the letter indicated a 3 percent charge. I told her that I had a credit balance on my account and used the check to remove the balance. I asked her to calculate 3 percent of a negative amount. She did not answer. I asked her to ask the CEO to calculate 3 percent of a negative amount and call me back. I thanked her and said good bye. I hope to hear from her soon. 


Hi @PiSquared. I'm sorry to hear of your experience, this is never what we hope for our members. I've sent a follow up to the appropriate team. Thank you. ~Holland